If you are new to Tokyo or just passing through, you may wonder where most Domers go to Sunday mass. Traditionally, the Franciscan Chapel Center (Roppongi Station) is where you will find alumni on Sunday mornings.

Some alumni attend St. Anselm’s Meguro Catholic Church near Meguro Station. This location is particularly convenient if you are staying at the Westin in Ebisu.

If you are staying in Ginza, St. Joseph’s Tsukiji Catholic Church is very close. It is also close to St. Luke’s Hospital which was featured in the movie Lost in Translation and which originally served as the hospital for U.S. forces in Japan beginning in late 1945 and ending in 1952. Pastor Fr. Leo is a fan of the Irish so be generous with your weekly offering and be certain to mention that you are an alum.

If you love the architectural designs of Kenzo TANGE (丹下健三) or you are in Japan during the Hanami Cherry Blossom Viewing season, you won’t want to miss St. Mary’s Sekiguchi Cathedral which is conveniently located across the street from the Four Season’s Hotel (which, unfortunately, is not conveniently located at all unless you are familiar with the Yurakucho Subway Line – Edogawabashi Station Y12 – and capable of navigating small Japanese side-streets).

Finally, some alumni attend St. Ignatius’ Kojimachi Catholic Church which is on the campus of Sophia University, just a few minutes’ walk from Yotsuya Station.